Meet Our Coaches


Student & Athletic Programs Director

Megan Manthey Richey

I’m from Ferndale, Washington, and have recently moved back to the community after retiring from women’s professional soccer. When I was sixteen I left home and became a full-time student at one of the most preeminent training facilities for athletes in Bradenton, Florida. I knew that I wanted to go to a top division one college to play soccer and earn my bachelor’s degree and I knew that upon graduation I wanted to turn pro. That is exactly what I did. I will be the first to tell you it wasn’t a smooth road.

I graduated from the IMG Soccer Academy at sixteen as the female player of the year. Derek Leader, Giovani Fernandes, Brook Hamilton, and Stacey Daniels were pivotal in my transformation as an athlete on and off the field and showed me what committed coaches look like. I went directly to the University of Colorado in Boulder where I spent my first two years of college being humbled and absolutely hating college soccer. I was ready to throw the towel in and give up on my dreams. I decided to start the recruiting process over at the end of my sophomore year of college. I transferred to the College of Charleston in South Carolina and I am forever grateful for Kevin Dempsey and Mike Barroqueiro and all they did for me in those last two years. I ended my college career as the conference’s leading goal scorer and overall point earner.

Owner/Operations Manager

Adult Fitness Program Director 

Jessa Loudon

I was born and raised in Ferndale, Washington, and after traveling to many parts of the world I have yet to find a place as amazing at the Pacific Northwest. Growing up I danced ballet, jazz, and hip hop, lifted weights, and ran marathons. While in college, I rowed on Western’s NCAA Division II crew team. Being a collegiate athlete developed my teamwork and leadership skills, ability to perform well under pressure, and motivated me to be better both as an athlete and person. I enjoyed the challenge of improving my athletic performance and have always pushed myself to get to the next level. Since then I have competed in bodybuilding, marathon running, Ski to Sea team races, and am currently training for a half marathon obstacle race and my first triathlon. Being a competitive athlete taught me to be dedicated, confident, self-motivated, and resilient. After realizing these skills are both transferable and essential to many aspects of life I felt compelled to encourage others to improve their athletic performance.

Driven to learn more about educating others on health and fitness, I earned my bachelor’s of science degree in community health at Western Washington University. The program assessed individual and community needs to plan, implement and administer health education programs and advocate for health education in the community. My course work included Health Education, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Chemistry, and Nutrition.