We are ONLINE.

Quarantine and the days to come are challenges we will face TOGETHER.

No motivation to train? We GOT YOU.


Momentum Soccer Academy- designed to take you to the NEXT LEVEL as an athlete, a soccer player, and a person.

Are you struggling to find motivation to train?

Are you feeling separated from teammates, family, and friends?

Your situation and circumstances are our motivation to get our online platform launched for YOU. You deserve it. You are WORTH it!


  • LIVE online training consultations
  • Accountability
  • Weekly training programs
  • Individual feedback and MORE!

Coach Megan (Manthey) Richey, Owner/CEO and Head Coach of Manthey Momentum, is a former Professional Soccer Player and is also ISSA Certified with years of international coaching experience in her toolkit to bring you to your next level in strength, mental wellness, and overall athletic ability. As a mother, Megan realizes the importance of bringing you or your student-athlete to a healthy head space in all this quarantine business!

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